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Wild Day Camp

Wild Day Camp

Four days of fun and adventure where we'll explore nature through a new and unique lens each day.

Trip Overview

We’ll tour the spectacular wildlands of Tucker County. We’ll get to know these places through adventures, curiosity, and lots of games! We’ll wander in the woods, play in the rain, and look for wild plants and animals while getting to know each other. This trip is for young children who have an interest in the outdoors and want to learn and play games. Previous Wild Day Camps have explored different nearby ecosystems such as forests, meadows, lakes, and creeks. 

*Wild/Adventure Day Camp 2: June 10-13, ages 5-12 years olds. Wild Day Camp in that it will take place in Blackwater Falls State Park from 8:30am-3pm. Adventure in that we open it to ages 5-12 years old. Some activities will be together, some separate, to suit the needs of different ages of campers. Any child attending school in WV gets $50 off this camp only (use code WV50 at check out). 

We can’t wait for Wild Day Camp! 

 Hours: Drop off between 8:30am-9am; Pick up at 3pm

Location: Pendelton Point Picnic Shelter at Blackwater Falls State Park. This is where we will meet for drop off and pick up. Click here for a map. 

*FYI- Check out our Women’s Adventure Days that fall on the Friday after most Day Camp Session! 

Intended Outcomes

  Have fun outside!

  Focus on the sense of awe and wonder in the outdoors

  Learn fun facts about nature

  Give parents a chance to explore this beautiful place on their own

What is the total cost of the trip?


Why do we Charge This?

Safety, fun and learning are our main priorities. Tuition from these programs goes towards our highly developed risk management systems and top of the line gear that will keep participants warm, dry, and safe. Our instructors are the face of our programs, we seek to employ and retain highly qualified instructors and pay them a livable wage so that we can create the best possible experiences for our students. Lastly, as an education program, we are committed to teaching our intentional curriculum to create better leaders and more engaged citizens of this planet. Education is an investment in ourselves and our communities. If you are excited about our programs, but unable to afford the full tuition, consider applying for a scholarship or contacting us directly.

Tuition covers all trip costs including snacks, educational services, activities, gear for the group, and any rentals that participants need. Participants will be responsible for proper footwear, personal clothes, and transportation to and from Davis, WV. Financial assistance is available for this camp; please contact us for more information.

Trip Details

Wild Day Camp 1: May 27-30

Wild/Adventure Day Camp 2:

June 10-13 (ages 5-12)*

Wild Day Camp 3: June 17-20

Wild Day Camp 4: July 8-11

Wild Day Camp 5: July 15-18

Wild Day Camp 6: August 5-8

Ages: 5-8

Activities: hiking, swimming, nature arts and crafts, exploring, fort building, games and various other nature-oriented activities

Location: Blackwater Falls State Park

Difficulty: 2/10

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