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Participant Paperwork

Enrollment Paperwork

After you have completed your application and have been accepted to the program*, please complete the enrollment process by viewing, signing, and submitting the enrollment documents below.

Payment is required at the time of registration or after application is approved.*

*Application and Reference required for TCBT, CRWE, WVHA, MBT, and Summer Search

Open Enrollment Paperwork

There are 3 or 4 forms to complete:

1. Terms of Agreement
2. Risk & Release Waiver
3. Medical Form
4. Blackwater Outdoor Adventures Youth Permission Form

Complete the Terms of Agreement and Risk & Release Waiver:

Terms of AgreementClick Here
Risk & Release Waiver: Click Here

Complete the Medical Form, specific to your program, along with the BOA Waiver if needed:

Backcountry Medical Form for the Wild Water Expedition, Tucker Community Backpacking Trip, Cheat River Watershed Expedition, WV Highlands Adventure, Mountaineer Backpacking Trip, Bikepacking, Summer Search, and Women’s Backpacking TripComplete Here

Frontcountry Medical Form for the Wild Day Camp, Adventure Day Camp, and Women’s Adventure DaysComplete Here

Blackwater Outdoor Waiver for the Wild Water Expedition, Cheat River Watershed Expedition, WV Highlands Adventure, Advanced Adventure Day Camp,  Summer Search and Women’s Adventure Days (Boat)Complete Here

Trip Information (does not need to be returned)

Expedition Equipment List: Download Here

Wild Day Camp Packing List: Download Here

Adventure Day Camp Packing List: Download Here

Essential Eligibility Criteria: Download Here

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