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All Gender Caving Day

All Gender Caving Day

Trip Overview

Looking for a way to get out on an adventure with your significant other? Or interested in doing something different with a new group of friends? We are excited to offer this all gender caving adventure as a way to get out together and have some fun! This trip will be based out of Davis, WV and transportation is provided (depending on the destination, expect a 20-90 minute drive). This is a non-technical caving experience involving no ropes.

What to Expect

We will meet at 10am at the Pendleton Point Picnic Shelter at Blackwater Falls State Park, and plan to be back to the shelter and vehicles around 5pm.

We will provide snacks, safety equipment, a cooler, extra water, and a good time! Please pack your own lunch, which you can store in the cooler.

Expect an email about four weeks before your adventure with lots more details.

Intended Outcomes

 Get outside, have fun, and laugh out loud! 

Connect with others who want to be outdoors

Explore a new ecosystem; develop caving safety and ethics

Challenge yourself and build confidence with your friends and/or family

What is the total cost of the trip?


Why do we Charge This?

Safety, fun and learning are our main priorities. Tuition from these programs goes towards our highly developed risk management systems and top of the line gear that will keep participants warm, dry, and safe. Our instructors are the face of our programs, we seek to employ and retain highly qualified instructors and pay them a livable wage so that we can create the best possible experiences for our students. Lastly, as an education program, we are committed to teaching our intentional curriculum to create better leaders and more engaged citizens of this planet. Education is an investment in ourselves and our communities. If you are excited about our programs, but unable to afford the full tuition, consider applying for a scholarship or contacting us directly.

Tuition covers all trip costs including snacks, educational services, activities, gear for the group, and any rentals participants may need. Participants will be responsible for proper footwear and personal clothes, and transportation to and from Davis, WV. 

For more information on needs based scholarships visit our scholarship application.

Trip Details

Dates: Saturday, June 15

Ages: Adults 18+

Activities: Caving

Location: West Virginia Highlands

Difficulty: 4/10

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