Appalachian Expeditions' mission is to inspire appreciation and awareness for the central Appalachian ecoregion through adventure, community, and sustainable living skills.

This summer we are thrilled to share some of the amazing outdoor opportunities that the Potomac Highlands have to offer.  Our courses help participants to learn about themselves, their communities, and the places they live.

As the director of Appalachian Expeditions I want to thank you for your generosity and making these experiences possible for our participants.  We are forever grateful.

With your financial support we can offer these programs to both local kids from Tucker County and from the larger "backyards" in the Mid-Atlantic and Central Appalachian Region.  Your donations go directly towards the overhead and administrative costs required to run these programs.  Thank you for your support!


Thank you for considering a donation towards Appalachian Expeditions

As a 501 c(3) certified nonprofit, your donation may be deducted from your federal income tax.