Appalachian Expeditions is a nonprofit outdoor adventure education program located in Davis, West Virginia.

We have a new website coming soon.  For now, here are the nuts and bolts of Appalachian Expeditions.

Who are we?

We are your adventurous, nature-loving neighbors and we want to take you on an outdoor adventure in your own backyard.

What do we do?

We lead outdoor adventure programs, primarily backpacking, boating, and biking. We use the magnificent West Virginia mountains as a backdrop to teach leadership, communication, and outdoor living skills.

Where do we go?

Appalachian Expeditions is based out of Davis, West Virginia, and we run all of our programs in the surrounding wild areas. This spectacular Potomac Highlands region is approximately three hours from metropolitan areas in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington DC so these amazing adventures are only a morning's drive away.

When are our trips?

We run trips in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our summer expeditions are open to any age appropriate person- all you need to do is apply. In the spring and fall we offer custom group expeditions (for your school class, sports team, or custom group).

Why are we doing this?

We believe that the natural world is inherently a part of all of us. We want to create fun and safe opportunities for people to reconnect to their roots through adventure, community, and outdoor living skills.

How do we do this?

We are professional experiential educators. On our expeditions, participants learn and grow through immersion and experience in the natural world.